Friday, January 30, 2015

A Year of Gratitude, Day 30

About three  years ago many of the galvanized pipes in our home began to leak. It was necessary to re-plumb the entire house, not an inexpensive home repair. We also chose to have a whole house water filtration system installed in order to remove chemical residues in the water we consume. Shortly after the filtration system was installed we began to notice an unpleasant sulfur smell in the tap water. The plumber contacted the filter manufacturer who suggested they add an additional chemical filtration unit between the large filter tank and the house. That seemed to do the trick and all was well until last week when we began to notice a marked decrease in water pressure. A plumber can and determined that the particulate filter canister was exhausted but they no longer had any cartridges in stock. he removed the cartridge, the water pressure returned to normal , and the technician left after promising to consult with the owner of the company. Later that afternoon, the scheduler called and arranged an appointment to replace the filter. Imagine my surprise when the technician arrived with a brand new filtration system which was installed at no charge to us. It seems the particulate filter comes preinstalled in the new filtration systems so they chose to upgrade our unit under their warranty policy.

Today I am grateful to Milton Frank Plumbing  ( for outstanding customer service. Plus, I am grateful for water pressure adequate to fill my tub for my nightly steamy, hot Epsom salt soaks.

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