Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Year of Gratitude, Day 24

We've been a bit too sedentary on weekends of late, so today we decided to adventure away from home. Our first stop was Allied Kenco ( where we purchased the sausage stuffing equipment below. Don't ask me -- it was my husband's idea!
Next we headed to Aunt Bea's Kitchen ( for breakfast -  corned beef hash with hash browns and  over easy eggs, 4 (really) eggs per plate for $6.99 an order. We haven't eaten again yet, and it's after 9:00pm.
Then we visited Spec's where we purchased 2 of the last 3 cases of our favorite malbec ( , some Scotch,  several cans of Booth Bay Salmon Chowder, and a variety of European chocolates.
After exploring High Fashion Home Décor ( disappointing), we headed home for naps and TV.
It's been a great day! Tomorrow we'll try making sausage.

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