Friday, January 23, 2015

A Year of Gratitude, Day 23

Apologizing up front for the lack of focus in the picture. I forgot to turn on the HD feature on my phone, so the focus of the picture is not so great.
The young lady in this photo, Katie Joy Farmakakis, is the brand new teacher in my former developmental classroom. This has been a really huge week for her -- she signed her contract and became the official teacher of record yesterday and today the Appliance Warehouse of America delivered all of these new kitchen appliances, plus a microwave oven,  for use in her classroom kitchen (she had contacted them last week in hopes that they might donate a new refrigerator to replace the 20+ year old model that was not keeping foods cold anymore).
Her students are engaged, they are learning, they are happy, they are thriving.
Thank you, Katie Joy. You are well-named.

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