Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Year of Gratitude, Day 22

We are a family of crazy cat people. Both of these cats are 15+years old. The gray cat on the footstool has arthritis in her hips and several compressed discs in her spine; the calico in the chair is missing her left front leg due to spindle cell cancer. They both love to spend their day sleeping near the fire.
The weather for the past several days has been sunny and warm-ish, and we have not been lighting the fire. This morning the calico was very vocal; she would meow and look over to the fireplace, meow and look at me, meow and look back  at the fireplace. Finally, she hopped over to the cabinet behind which the valve to the gas line is hidden, looked at me and MEOWED.  The goddess having spoken, we have fire, and quiet.

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