Friday, November 20, 2015

Social Challenge

Terrorists and tyrants,
Using tactics of fear,
Vying for power
Worldwide and near.

Xenophobes, xanthocroids
Yammering hate.
Zealots defending their ziggurats of faith.

Abandoned, abolished, aborted, abhored.
Bearbaited victims and ballyhoo men
Cautious and callous
Defeated and damned.

Everyman matters?
Foreigners don't.
Gangrenous gatecrashers, gangsters, goats
Harboring hatred, wearing hajibs.

Imperiled? Inappetance!
Jingoism prevails.
Kaleidoscopic perils threaten our land.
Live in your death camps; labor in vain.

Magnanimous Americans no longer prevail -
Naive namby-pambys have no place in our land.
Obdurate obedience obscures common sense.

Palpitant vitriol, parochial paroxysm
Quashes hope, quintuples fear.
Rabelaisian rabble-rousers raging; refugees reviled.
Saints or sinners? Safety or sacrifice?