Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Year of Gratitude, Day 98

Three friends and I got together for an afternoon of mahjongg fun. Katie, a friend with whom we have not been able to play for several months, won the first game which was followed by THREE wall games (no one was able to complete a hand for mahjongg). When no one wins, we each put a quarter into the kitty and play again. With no winner for three games, the kitty was up to $3.00.
Not wanting to end the day on a losing note, we decided to play one more hand, and I WON. Not only did I get the kitty, but each of the other players had to pay me $0.50 because I drew the last tile myself rather than picking up a discarded tile.
Next week is our regularly scheduled large group day -- I'll play with my winnings!

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