Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Year of Gratitude, Day 102

Yesterday at Costco we bought 2 whole organic chickens to use in preparing this recipe
(http://noblepig.com/2009/07/break-the-pattern/). It was a dicey day to be attempting to grill because the weather has been quite rainy lately. we decided, however, that if the Noble Pig lady could do this in Oregon where, as every knows, it ALWAYS rains, we could do it here in Texas too.

We acquired this combination gas grill and smoker as a reward for Jim upon his completion of treatment for high grade prostate cancer. It was a custom design built by Pits and Spits here in Houston. We still haven't quite gotten the hang of perfect grilling and smoking, but I do have to admit that this grilled chicken was pretty dang good.

I have rarely been disappointed in recipes from the Noble Pig site. You should check it out!

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