Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Year of Gratitude, Day 73

Jim and I had seen several references to the Black Garlic food truck (24914 State Highway 249)  on Facebook so decided to give it a try Saturday afternoon. After battling the westbound Grand Parkway construction on Highway 249, we missed the location,  had to U-turn and battle the eastbound traffic, and then U-turn into the westbound traffic AGAIN. We had already decided that if there was a long line, we would leave. Fortunately (?) there was only one couple ahead of us, so we decided to stay.

I chose The Sauced Pretzel, a Waygu burger with artisanal bacon, blue cheese, and fried kale served on a pretzel bun. Jim ordered the pulled pork sandwich.  We shared an order of chimichurri fries. I ordered the burger cooked medium, had not expected it to be SO pink; nor had I expected so much grease (saturated in a delicious, buttery cheesy sauce). Jim's sandwich was piled high with pulled pork which had a mysterious spicy aftertaste. The fries were thin-cut and I imagine would have been deliciously crispy had I not asked for the chimichurri variety -- they came floating in herby oil rather than lightly flavored with seasoning.

It was worth the traffic aggravation to get there for the tastebud experience, but I doubt we will venture through the construction again -- while delicious, certainly not Weight Watcher friendly and not really, in my opinion,  worth the calorie hit I took, even given that Saturdays are my "free" days. Also, it was an  expensive dining experience,  near-$40 cost for a burger and pulled pork.

Grateful for the opportunity to support a small business, just on the lookout for a healthier option

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