Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Year of Gratitude, Day 63

The Amazing Miss M is exiting the Developmental Program at Klein High School  and beginning
L.I.F.E. Readiness 10, a pilot pre-employment/independent living program being piloted by the Klein ISD this year. She started the school year in the L.I.F.E. 30 program, also a pilot program new to the district and has mastered all the goals established for her in that program, so it is time to move on. The coordinators have indicated that the ideal placement for her would have been L.I.F.E 20, but the district school board refused to budget the funds necessary for that program. I have heard, but as of yet have been unable to confirm, that one of the elected board members has stated, "Why would we want to spend money on THOSE kids." What a step back from the days when Dr. Grace England guided the district in establishing exemplary special education programming.
I know that this move up will be challenging for Marijke, but I am confident that this an excellent opportunity for her.
(Scroll down to learn more about L.I.F.E. 10)


 Klein Independent School District

                                                                                                  Sept. 2014

LIFE Readiness is . . . . .


-          A community-based program that utilizes the community’s natural environmental supports to facilitate young adult student’s transition to adult-life.


-          Provides students having completed academic goals needed for graduation individualized instructional in independent living skills and employment support in order to achieve IEP goals and objectives in the area of post-secondary transition.



-          To facilitate transition from campus supports to natural supports in the community.

-          To assist in acquisition and sustainability of employment.

-          To assist in student/family with connections to adult agencies and providers.

-          To assist in the college experience of the adult student.

LIFE Readiness Program Student Consideration:

-          Students aged 18 – 22 years of age receiving special education services.

-          Students who have completed course requirements for graduation. (option b3)

-          Students have been receiving instruction with a modified curriculum.

-          Students who have completed all state required assessments.

-          Students needing transition services to complete IEP goals.

LIFE Readiness. . .


-          Local Community is the classroom.


-          Student’s daily schedule is flexible and reflects the transition goals in the IEP.


-          Exit from the program occurs when student has completed IEP goals and objectives  (exit date is not determined by traditional school calendar such as end of 6 weeks or semester).


-          Student schedule may include activities centered on education/training, employment, independent living and community goals.


-          Once accepted into the program student will have comprehensive transition assessment to determine curriculum based on individual student interests, preferences, strengths and needs.


-          Transportation is not provided by the district.


-          LIFE Readiness is a program developed to meet the transition needs of the student. Teacher and job coaches provide instruction in the community.


-          Important members in the collaborative efforts to ensure students attainment of his/her IEP goal and objectives:

o   Student

o   Parent/Family

o   LIFE Readiness staff

o   Employment specialists

o   Adult agencies

For more information contact:

Theresa Cortney

(832) 314-6180

Office of Special Education

4411 Louetta Road

Spring, Texas 77388


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