Monday, January 2, 2017

3-D or Bust, A Day of Grace

Jim and I decided that we would gift each other with a 3-D printer for Christmas. The large box lay hidden on the coffee table under several draped towels until Christmas afternoon when we decided it was time to open the carton and begin playing. After lugging the large box upstairs to the office and distributing the packing material to the "granddots" for imaginative play (they created a tv upon which they broadcast Pokemon descriptions), we discovered several lose pieces and a platform which would not level. After attempting to reach a nonexistent help desk in China, Jim contacted Amazon who advised that a new printer would be arriving on January 2 along with a return shipment voucher for the non-working device.

The new printer arrived today, delivered with crumpled corners and set in a puddle of rainwater by a dedicated employee of the US Postal Service. We lugged this box up the stairs, uncrated the new printer, used the packing material to rebox the old printer, lugged that box back downstairs, out to the truck, and drove it to the nearest UPS Store and shipped it back to Amazon.

Our first print job just finished - a minature Tyrannosaurus Rex lower jaw.  It is so cool! The upper jaw will be completed tomorrow and pictures will follow.

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