Monday, April 28, 2014


Two of my three children, all of whom now are well-adjusted, productive adults, were given a writing assignment in the final grading period of their high school senior years. They were required to create illustrated abecedariums that were reflective of their individual personalities. When they each gave me their completed manuscripts, my initial thought was what unique and wonderful mementos of their childhoods; but as my granddaughter, who is a  senior graduating from the same high school and has the same senior English teacher as her aunt, was perusing the books, I realized what a great tool this assignment had been to encourage these young people  about to embark on their adult life paths to reflect on  their strengths and weaknesses, fears and courage, hopes and dreams.

Twenty-six words, from a to z, distilling the very essence of your personality.  It's a challenge, don't you think? Could you do it? Would you want to try?

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